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Shane's was founded in 2002. Shane primarily sold sports cards with a little bit of Magic the Gathering and Beanie Babies. We were located at the far end of the business complex in a tiny 100 square foot space.  Shane began sell Yu-Gi-Oh in 2002 at the request of some customers.  Yu-Gi-Oh was a big success.  He began running tournaments with the help of some parents.

In 2004 Shane brought on a business partner. The success of the store continued and we were able to relocate to our current location in 2010.  Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh became more and more popular.  Sports cards became less popular.  We stopped selling  sports cards and focused on gaming.  We now carry a variety of different games including an ever expanding board game selection.  We also host tournaments daily when times are normal.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to so for quite some time.

Thanks to the amazing customers we have, we are now in the process of expanding once again.  We will keep everyone informed on the progress of the expansion.

Thank you for all your support and helping us succeed as a business.  Without you there is no us.

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